Compulsory facilities in a luxury hotel room

When people pay for a high-end room, they expect their expectations to be overridden, but what happens sometimes is that the basic requirements seem to be absent. Given below are some of the facilities, equipment and items expected to be seen in a premium room or suite;

Lots of towels

One would feel like they paid a premium price if they spot the many sizes of towels kept in the cupboards and bathroom of the room. Nobody wants to use the same towel that was dampened in the morning again at noon, while we are on VACATION! instead we would dump the thing in the laundering bag like we were in an Oman 5 star hotel and pick out a fresh one. So… having extra towels is always a highlight.

Power outlets

Since we all carry our smartphones with us at all times, the least a luxury room can do about it is to keep plenty of power outlets near the bed and dressing tables to make sure the guest can plug in his/her devices with ease, without having to remove a lamp from its base to plug in their chargers.

Storage areas

High end hotels should have the capacity and design for customers to be able to put away their bags and baggage’s neatly inside the wardrobe. It is also expected to have a locker that can be used to store away valuables and have them locked and safe inside.


Let alone a luxury hotel, if a normal hotel does not offer a free Wi-fi connection it is not considered worth the money at all with the trend of everything happening online itself. Therefore, a stable, free, unlimited wi-fi connection is a compulsory aspect.


Having the luxury of putting on a robe after a shower oozes with that premium customer feeling. It might not be something everyone would use but seeing them clean and white hanging in the wardrobe gives you the reasoning for the price paid.

Water unpaid for

Luxury hotels cannot be charging for water bottles, if they do, it is not considered premium at all, its ordinary and just pure unfair to be charging someone for water. And one other thing is the availability of water bottles in abundance, place a few over the dresser, and a few over the coffee table.

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