Everything You should Know about Australia’s SIV

Since it was introduced, the SIV has been the crux of a lot of discussion and controlled excitement among Australia’s migration, investment and legal industries. It has been predicted that China will have an economy which is twice the size of the USA and that the economy of India will be as big by the year 2050. With everything working on a positive note, SIV has a lot going for it right now in Australia and if you are somebody who is considering this, here are some of the factors that you should know about it.

Returns, Opportunity and Safety

If you are visa applicant for the significant investor visa in Australia you will need to have skilled advisory. Your money under these situations will be safe in Australia with investment returns coming from the bank cash rates that are equal to about forty percent. You will also have access to a lot of opportunity and visa applicants along with their families will be safe in the country.

No Age and Language Barriers

In order to be eligible for the SIV there is nothing that will cut you out in terms of an upper age limit. You can pretty much belong to any age group, unlike in the case of any other visa. There are also no language requirements. This is especially very useful to applicants coming in from non-English speaking countries, perhaps in Asia such as China, Korea or Japan. Applicants will also need to only spend 40 days in a year in Australia during the four years of their temporary SIV that will give them the eligibility to obtain their permanent SIV. These 40 days however, may be needed to be met in a cumulative manner.

Investment Returns and Security

If you think about investment returns, an approved fund will actually be safe and also have possible generosity based on the plan of investment that you choose. The banks and the other financial bodies in Australia are deemed to be some of the safest in the entire world. They have global offices and are always actively on the lookout for professional advisory relationships with SIV applicants as well.

Retaining Funds, Points System and Employment

Now you also will gain benefits in the fact that you do not need to satisfy the business skills innovation points test in the Australia Immigration Department. Whereas funds are concerned, as long as you have the capacity to retain the minimum amount of 5 million Australian Dollars during your 4-year period, your investment can actually be a mix of funds and direct investment in an Australian company that is proprietary. However, this can also be subjected to change from time to time and you will also have to check with the respective state. You will also benefit from the extremely low unemployment rate that is prevalent in the country. While all of this information may sound rather complicated, this visa is one that has gained a lot of popularity among investors. So, if you wish to come forward as an applicant makes sure that you have the right expertise guiding you in the process.

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