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Tips for a Thrilling and Inexpensive Campervan Trip in Australia

Campervans are one of the best ways to explore the vastness of Australia. Campervans are much more comfortable than riding around in cars. You can discover more places, particularly campsites, without having to burn a lot of money on airfare and hotel charges. Here are several tips for enjoying a great campervan trip in Australia without spending too much money.


Rent Your Campervan

Most Aussies buy their campervans. You can get a used campervan for anywhere $8,000 to $20,000. Prices can vary a lot on the used market, of course. But if you cannot dish out this much cash on a campervan, you always have the option of renting. Use a reliable service like Hit the Road to rent your campervan for as cheap as $50 a day.

Plan Your Route

When you are in a campervan, the road may seem endless to you. You can literally go anywhere you want. But it’s highly recommended to plan your route, at least roughly. Draw up plans with stops in the middle for places you want to see and for camping sites. At least a rough sketch is better than nothing. Make sure you research your route if you are venturing into rough terrain. Some terrain can only be navigated by 4WD. When you are driving in a campervan, make sure you know your limitations.

Pack Plenty of Supermarket Food

Stock up your campervan’s kitchen with tinned food and other food items from a local supermarket. Obviously, you need to pack up on food rations and supermarket food is the cheapest. If you are on a budget, pack plenty of supermarket food to avoid having to pay at restaurants. Eating out on your campervan trip will be quite expensive. So supermarket food will be quite a cost-saving measure. If you plan on drinking, it’s best to buy your wine and beer from the supermarket as well. Buying alcohol at restaurants and pubs is eye-wateringly expensive in Australia.

Check the Campervan On the Way

Even if you are renting a campervan, vehicle maintenance would be your responsibility. It’s highly recommended to check the campervan every 500 kilometres for maintenance issues. Make sure you check the essentials like tyre pressure, engine oil levels, coolant levels, and so on. You definitely don’t want to run into vehicle trouble in the middle of the trip. So do some basic safety checks at designated intervals to be safe.

Mind the Height

Before you go on the road trip, make sure you know the height of the campervan. This would be essential when you are driving in tunnels or under bridges. It’s useful to know the height even when you are driving into car parks, at least to avoid hitting a tree branch.

Be Careful When Preparing Campfires

If you are driving in a campervan, you would eventually end up lighting a campfire at a campsite. Keep in mind that bushfires are highly likely in the Outback region of the country. Therefore, take all the necessary safety precautions when lighting a campfire. Do it at least 10 metres away from the campervan. You should have a fire extinguisher or a bottle of water at hand to douse the fire if necessary.

Take the above tips to mind when you go on your amazing campervan adventure. Stay safe, don’t waste money, and above all, have fun.

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